The History

The Somali is a semi-longhaired version of the popular Abyssinian; They were often frowned upon and seen as a “faulty cat”. The semi- longhaired variety was not bred specifically until the early 1960s in America by an Abyssinian breeder.   In 2010, the Somali BAC (Breed Advisory Committee) wished to apply for recognition of Somali Shorthairs in their own right as it was wished to retain the slightly shorter wedge and more generously rounded muzzle preferred in Somalis as well as the very soft, fine coat found in the semi-longhaired version. 

The Appearance

At Vanregel’s Somalis, we specialise in breeding deep, rich brown Somalis. Our fur babies wear thick, fluffy coats, ticked to perfection with voluminous bushy tails and breeches. Their characteristic eyes show the typical Somali playfulness and their “smiling mouths” radiate compassion.

A Little Note

Somali cats, with their soft and plush fur
Resemble little chocolate treats, so very alluring
Their reddish-brown coats, rich and warm
Mimic the colour of fine chocolate, so full of charm

But unlike chocolates, Somalis are alive and well
Their playful antics and feline charm can never be quelled
They are not for eating, no matter how sweet they seem
They are creatures to love and care for, a feline dream

So if you’re tempted to take a bite
Of your Somali cat, so luscious and right
Remember they are not a treat to consume
But a beloved companion, with whom to share your room

So savour your chocolates, and enjoy their flavour
But leave the Somalis be, to play and savour
The joys of life, in all its feline glory
For they are much more than a chocolate story.