Arthur is now retiring to the Scottish highlands with a kilt and haggis!

Arthur is the man about the house. We searched and waited a long time for him because we were looking for a sorrel silver to venture into chocolate silvers. When we finally found him in South Africa the problem was how to get him to the UK in COVID times. After a long, long wait I collected him from Heathrow. Our new boy has landed and he has been busy working his magic; both Nutella and Wispa were expecting his babies by the end of March 2021.

Arthur is a very gentle boy – unless he claps eyes on Mousse the Office Manager! The two positively HATE each other and all hell breaks loose if they meet. Although he wears pants (for good reason, believe me!) Mousse is not convinced of his harmlessness and has taken it upon herself to defend the other girls, any potential babies and the house against that South African bloke. He usually retreats to the kitchen or defends his kingdom outside, leaving Mousse looking rather pleased with herself.