Fluffy never existed. He was simply a 6 kg figment of your imagination!
Officially, he was a Chartreux. As pure as they come. But Chartreux are always blue (no problem) and SHORT HAIR. Fluffy was rather…… fluffy.

I had a brief period when I bred Chartreux as well as Somalis. I had several longhair kittens in my purebred Chartreux litters. They are gorgeous – but don’t officially exist. Some research showed they occur on every Continent where they are bred because many years ago Persians were used to enhance the eye colour of the Chartreux. Lack of knowledge about genetics allowed the recessive longhair gene to creep its way through the generations without any indication on pedigrees where it is. And so we have beautiful short hair AND long hair Chartreux. Sensible breeders would separate the two, make a separate register as happened with the Somalis and Abyssinians but French breeders so far prefer to pretend there is no such thing as a longhair Chartreux. So the gene keeps going on and becomes more widespread in a relatively small breed.

Fluffy was unique in his appearance and in his Garfield-resembling personality; laid back. Very laid back. Unless we’re talking about FOOD!?
He was nearly 15 years when he became ill and showed it by not eating. Within days we had to make the sad decision to let him go. No more Somali-baby sitting. No more gobbling food, no more rough tongue licking, no more pointedly staring at the (unlit) stove. He was a wonderful antidote for slightly hyper and overactive Somalis. He had a gentle, solid and caring character and he often curled up with his Somali friend Mousse.

We loved him and will never forget him. Sleep tight, Fluffy.