Nutty retired mid 2023, it was best for both her and the other girls. Settling in to her new home was rocky, especially as she had her last litter not too long before. We came to the conclusion that she missed her kittens, so the remaining kitten who hadnt been spoken for was offered as a foster child to help her settle; Nutty is now living quite the lavish life with her son Tony, as a co-writer at an author’s house!

Nutella grew up to be a lovely young lady although she proved to be quite promiscuous! She had 2 litters and her last one was with her mother’s husband Valinor’s Arthur – work out the relationship of and to the kittens!!! This time her milk production is better and the kittens are thriving. Nutty has the most sonorous purr which occasionally needs some WD40 and she dribbles…. Her chocolate is a lustrous deep and warm chocolate and I suspect she is homozygous chocolate. She will now get some time to recover from her … activities!

Sire: World Champion Lil’Ainjils Lord Benjen of Nanaimo
Dam: Vanregel’s Wispa