Mousse, sweet soft, beautiful and maternal Mousse, was the only girl in a litter of SIX kittens! She had to cope with her boisterous brothers and stand her ground with that bunch. Perhaps that is where she learnt the skills she needs as the local ‘Office Manager’ and ‘Bouncer’. She is the Head of the Feline Family. She will instill some peace and order if someone steps out of line. All fluffed up she will defend her kingdom against potential intruders (you should hear the language!), determine who can come through the cat flap today and who will have to stay outside. Mousse can also be appointed midwife, babysitter and teacher for anyone else’s kittens.
She gave birth to three beautiful Somalis, a usual boy, a black silver boy and Truffle before she was spayed.
She loves babies and cuddles on bed in the morning.

And ‘McDonalds’. All my cats are fed raw meat but Mousse was slow to take up the offer. She prefers dry biscuits if she can get them and they are called ‘McDonalds’ in our cattery, considered to be a treat…… If it is up to Mousse she will eat Maccie D all day every day!

Mousse (right) and her mother Cocoa