His Lordship NouNou


Nougat aka NouNou is a Lilac (carries sorrel) French lad. He was born in Paris and was invited to come to the UK to help bring fresh blood in the small Somali breed. He is a big boy, two years old now, weighs 5 kg and is still not fully developed. Lilac is a difficult colour in Somalis but he is doing really well. He has a very soft and cuddly character which his kittens inherit. He lives in the house with us because he does not spray (fingers crossed) and for those oopsy occasions he wears stud pants which really work well! His passion is catching earth worms in the garden which he then, generously, brings in to the house so you can tread on them when you come downstairs in the morning.

His official wife is Truffle but last year, while she was busy raising their five children, he went ‘off to work’ and wasn’t seen for a while. Rumour has it there was a brief affair with another girl and there is offspring ‘somewhere in the North’. It is a sensitive subject though, Truffle had a few choice things to say about it when he returned and he is no longer allowed to work away from home. Luckily, he has his own garden office at home now where he can receive ‘guests’!
Things never were the same again with Truffle after he returned and in the end he had to face the fact his marriage with her was over. Together they revived my dormant cattery and left us with gorgeous kittens to carry on with.

Lord NouNou