Truffle was a singleton kitten. Mousse struggled to give birth to her and she was born by Caesarean section. I had to resuscitate her while the vet looked after Mousse who was spayed at the time. I was desperate, she was Mousse’s only daughter and chocolate as well ! After some toe-curling minutes there were signs of life in that little furry body. She showed her feisty character from the first breath she took – with a tiny, protesting hiss she told me to stop, she was alive!

Truffle, like all my cats, is a little personality. She has a loud mouth but a loving heart and still has a very close bond with her mother but feels her own daughter Wispa is now an adult and should have left long since! Truffle has inherited the notorious ‘Houdini gene’. If it isn’t water-tight it is not Truffle-tight…
Truffle really hates travelling and gets very upset about it so we do not show her.

Truffle’s first litter was assisted by Mousse who became granny and turned out to be midwife, babysitter and teacher as well. All five chocolate kittens in Truffle’s first litter with Nougat were raised without problems and one daughter, Wispa, stayed with us. A year later she gave birth to a single chocolate girl, Bonbon.

Truffle has officially retired. Together with her husband Nougat she revived our dormant cattery and gave us fantastic kittens to carry on with. The relationship with him soured however and the marriage has been resolved!

Truffle has now moved with her youngest daughter Bonbon to Sally where she is teaching her the principles of somali ownership. Luckily, Truffle is very vocal – she has lots to tell her new slave!