Wispa will be retiring and moving in with Gwen in the coming years but Wispa currently enjoys the company of her Husband, Valinor’s Arthur Weasley.



Wispa was the result of a romantic encounter between Truffle and Nougat. Truffle gave birth to five chocolate kittens, two girls and three boys. They were so similar, right up till when they left they had to wear hair band collars because we could not tell them apart. Wispa and her brother Cadbury were destined for a showing/breeding career. Cadbury has sired his first kittens and Wispa had a sneaky journey to the Netherlands recently. She came back brazenly telling her parents she was moving back in and, oh, she was pregnant! Her husband is a renown chocolate lad of distinguished lines and their beautiful kittens were born on the 26th of May 2019 (see kitten page).

Whizzie took up friendship with the dog at an early age. Since Truffle does not want her near her since she was weaned Whizzie has found a surrogate mother and cuddles up with and nurses off the dog. The love seems to be mutual.

Callista and Wispa