Family Matters II

Family Matters II

The kits are now 2 weeks old and my wife Truffle has given in. Her maternal feelings got the better of her I think. She stopped growling and hissing at our wayward daughter Wispa and her brats and stepped into the nursery. I tried to warn her but you know how women are, they see a baby and go all gooey and common sense goes out of the window!

The worrying thing is that Truffle tells me THIS is what SHE wants and makes a not-so-subtle reference to my ‘problem’; A year ago they put a sort of microchip under my skin and since then I have been ….. well …. feeling less of a man! They say it wears off and I will be back to my old youthful virile self soon but, currently, Truffle is less than impressed with me in the bedroom!
I make up for it with patrolling and soft growls. It is not MY fault!!!

Wispa’s kittens in the mean time are growing very quickly. There are 3 chocolates of which one girl and …. I think that pale effort is going to be looking like me!! There can only be one Me of course so Annelies has already found a suitable home for the brat. She says he will be shown and she hopes to find similar homes for the 2 chocolate boys.
Can’t wait till they go!



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