The Garden Office II

The Garden Office II

Well, the grand kids have taken over the house, aided and abetted by their unruly mum who is a slightly more mature kitten herself. As proper pre-schoolers they are in to any thing and everything. As a result nan Truffle and gramps Lord of the Manor NouNou retreat to the Garden Office at night. They seem to relax there and prefer the peace and quiet. Anything for a good night sleep!

They both pop in during the day but at the merest sight of the brats bouncing around a veritable concert of growls and hot air emerges and they leave for the garden, chased by their own daughter Wispa who thinks it is a wonderful game, bouncing with her tail up in the air…… Welcome to our local madhouse!

At the tender age of 5 weeks they all had a new home and excited future owners are kept informed on a regular basis. Their father Benjen is now neutered and enjoys a well-earned retirement. It makes this litter unique and the only girl, Vanregel’s Nutella, will stay with us no matter what his Lordship’s opinion!

We’re hoping that Truffle will conceive by NouNou and that there will be new kittens under the Christmas tree!


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