The Home Office

The Home Office

As a busy somali boy you have so many duties. There is the creating delicious chocolates bit, the chat-up-your-wife bit, the Watch the Birdies Bathe bit, the Garden Patrolling… Ah yes. Garden patrol. You see we have Mousse the Office Manager who decides who is part of the company here and who is not. A Very Important Pussycat she is! But although her velvety paws can whack a punch and my wife has some impressive daggers hidden in her gentle paws, they do need me, the Man about the House, to reinforce their message with my presence.

Annelies has fenced our kingdom, her garden, so that we can’t get out (annoying and we do keep trying to find yet another little escape route!) and other cats can’t get in (and even if they were to try they would meet me, Lord NouNou!) But last night something went wrong. It had all been peaceful in our garden but around 4 am I spotted something was wrong (yes, you have to be alert at all times otherwise what is the point? The girls need to be protected even at 4 am!).

So when I saw that creature snooping around in our garden I informed the Office Manager that there were intruders, tapped my wife Truffle on her shoulder and whispered to bring her daggers and went out.
There it was! It looked a bit like us to be honest, slightly bigger than me, a foxy tail, same colour as my wife – but nowhere near as attractive I hasten to say – it definitely did not speak our language and it STANK. Quickly, the three of us made a plan and cornered it. It became quite worried at the looks of us and could not get out of the garden. It was ours!!! We got a bit carried away and the noise woke up Annelies. She came down, saw what we were up to and shoo’ed us indoors. She locked the catflap and by the time she let us out again the intruder had gone. But together we have kept our kingdom and our pregnant Wispa safe! Oh, and we had not a single hair out of place, naturally…….

Somali Border Force!




Frances Ravden-Green aka Franki the BOT! Lol Posted on9:05 am - May 14, 2019

😱Oh dear. Or Oh Deer? Or was it a stray queen chancing her 🐾 paws?? Good for da Lord Nou Nou and da Qween Wispa! Saved the day!!

Petra Sara Posted on10:55 pm - May 14, 2019

Bated breath and rollicking humour from the VanRegal pen. A wonderful addition to the tales of the handsome Lord Marshall Nou Nou, champion of Somalis and vanquisher or foxes. I am cheering you every step of the way as you defend your wife, daughters and unborn grandchildren.

Sue C Posted on7:05 am - May 15, 2019

Lord Nou Nou’s Tails are so funny, to be safe, i have banned ‘The Girls’ from reading them ( they would want to try and re enact them ! )

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