Archive May 2019

Family Matters

As Head of the Feline Family I must admit my wife Truffle and I have our worries. Most of our children grew up beautifully and obediently (well, as obedient as a somali kitten can possibly be) and after they left us they are doing us proud in their new residences. Wispa, on the other hand,

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The Home Office

As a busy somali boy you have so many duties. There is the creating delicious chocolates bit, the chat-up-your-wife bit, the Watch the Birdies Bathe bit, the Garden Patrolling… Ah yes. Garden patrol. You see we have Mousse the Office Manager who decides who is part of the company here and who is not. A

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The Garden office

My name is Nougat de la Chacolaterie. I am a young lilac somali boy and I have been asked to put my paw to paper and share my experiences regarding my paternal duties with you. Naturally, I will be happy to do so although you may have to bear with me when I need a

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